1. blackmasses:

    Witches Mill Museum in Castletown.

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  2. fletchingarrows:


    Woodgatherer - Jules Bastien Lepage


    i love the feeling of preparation and anticipation that comes in autumn.

  3. windypoplarsroom:

    Helmer Osslund

    ""Höstafton, Nordingrå"

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  4. poboh:

    Wschód księżyca, Stanisław Masłowski. Polish (1853 - 1926)

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  6. red-lipstick:

    Miles Cleveland Goodwin - Death Quit, 2008     Paintings: Oil

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  7. mermish:

    Me and my cat.

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  8. gunnarolla:


    11 Untranslatable Words From Other Cultures

    Follow the link for the source

    Of course the Indonesian word is the one that I’d have most use for 

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  10. venusmilk:

    Johann Joachim Püschel