1. fletchingarrows:

    cameron russell and benjamin eidem in “love in a warm climate”,photographed by lachlan bailey for man about town #12

    cinnamon babies

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  2. 1910-again:

    Pierre Bonnard, Autumn: The Fruit Pickers 1912

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  3. basicwild:

    A  Sea Dragon

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  5. oldbookillustrations:

    Underwater landscape of Crespo Island.

    From Vingt mille lieues sous les mers (Twenty thousand leagues under the seas), by Jules Verne, illustrated by Édouard Riou and Alphonse de Neuville, Paris, 1871.

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  6. detribalizedaztec:


    Jason Garcia

    Clay Art

    This artist is sooo awesome!
    Check out more of his work here!

    From the artist’s bio:
    "In his finished work—most often clay tiles that are created in the traditional Pueblo way with hand-gathered clay, native clay slips and outdoor firings — he transforms materials closely connected to the earth into a visually rich mix of Pueblo history and culture, comic book super heroes, video game characters, religious icons and all things pop culture."

    ♥ Share & support your local Native Artist ♥

    Jason Garcia - Tails of Suspense

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  8. degeneratelowlife:

    Salome…photo by Eric Keller

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  9. 1910-again:

    Henry de Groux, The Comet of War from the portfolio, The Face of Victory 1913

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  10. blackmasses:

    Witches Mill Museum in Castletown.

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