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    13 Species of Thecla (genus) butterflies from Insecta. Lepidoptera-Rhopalocera of Biologia Centrali-Americana, an encyclopedia of natural history of Central America. A landmark and still often-cited work, Smithsonian Libraries has digitized 58 volumes that you can explore at electronic Biologia Centrali-Americana.

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    hard at work in the hive

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  4. protective measures.

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    The Sleeping Sea-Nymph, 1924
    Illustrated by Albert Collins and Olive Crane

    He offered her the pale salt


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    The Sleeping Sea-Nymph, 1924
    Illustrated by Albert Collins and Olive Crane

    His young daughter
    stood beside the King


  9. uoa:


    The idea of “pig is cute” was implanted in me by adults through a cartoon, the “Three Little Pigs.” However, breeding pigs I saw at a pig farm, when I was a child, were so huge and ferocious that I could never find any cuteness in them. That was the first time I realized that the fairytale world was far from the reality, and I felt betrayed by adults. That is why I employ the “Three Little Pigs” as a symbol of lies and fictions given by adults, which become exposed sooner or later in the process of a child’s growth.

    The “Bind” series expresses my inner self; a grown-up who left the world given by my parents and other adults and acquired my own thinking, and a woman who has to deal with the female sexuality. In the series, I bound myself with pigskin, which has been soaked in blood as a symbol of womanhood, as a symbol of the given world. I was thinking of my life, in which I had transformed from a child who just took what adults provided, to a woman who led her own life, while I wrapped up my eyes, nose, mouth, and ears with the pigskin. The series is a record of this action.

    — Ryoko Suzuki

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